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Labour Law | Administrative Law | Civil Litigation

Duggan Avocats is a boutique civil litigation law firm providing high quality counsel and advocacy specializing in labour and administrative law; with significant experience in other areas of law including class actions, electoral law, constitutional law, aviation law and national security law.

Mtre James Duggan

Advocatus Emeritus (Ad.E.)

Mtre James R.K. Duggan has over 35 years of experience in labour, constitutional, administrative, human rights, aviation and electoral law.

Mtre Duggan represents employees and professionals including executives, members of the civil service, members of police forces as well as a variety of organisations and associations in provincial and federal jurisdictions. He has represented members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police since 1983.

Mtre Duggan was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, in recognition for his services to the legal profession. In 2015, he was amongst the lawyers who convinced the Supreme Court of Canada to overturn one of its previous judgements (Delisle vs Canada [1999] 2 R.C.S. 989) in the case Mounted Police Association of Ontario v. Attorney General of Canada (P.G.), 2015 CSC 1, concerning freedom of association and access to collective bargaining in particular for members of the RCMP.

He has extensive experience in civil litigation before the Court of Québec, the Superior Court of Québec, the Court of Appeal of Québec, the Federal Court (for both trials and appeals), the Supreme Court of Canada, the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, the Court of Appeal for Ontario, the Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba, in Europe and before various administrative tribunals. He has acted as a mediator before the Superior Court and currently acts as a private mediator and arbitrator. Me. Duggan is invited to participate in conferences and training courses on labour law, constitutional law, administrative law, human rights law, civil law, aviation law and litigation.

Mtre Duggan has made significant contributions to the development of labour law, constitutional law and election law (see reported cases and publications). He is recognised for the quality of his work, his commitment to his clients and his good sense of values.

Mtre Duggan has been named Advocatus Emeritus (Ad.E.) by the Quebec Bar. The award is presented to members of the Quebec Bar who gain distinction as a result of their outstanding professional career, outstanding contribution to the profession or outstanding social and community standing that has brought honour to the legal profession.

Mtre Alexander Herrick Duggan

Quebec Bar | Law Society of Ontario

Maitre Alexander Herrick Duggan is a member of the Quebec Bar, as well as the Law Society of Ontario, having completed degrees in both Civil and Common law at McGill University. He also has an Honors Degree in Classics from Bishop’s University. The focus of Mtre Duggan’s practice is civil litigation with experience in labor law, administrative law, class actions, constitutional law and electoral law. Mtre Duggan has appeared before various administrative tribunals, Quebec Court, Quebec Superior Court, Quebec Court of Appeal, Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, Divisional Court Ontario, Court of Appeal Ontario, Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, and the Supreme Court of Canada. Mtre Duggan is also a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Professional Accreditation:

  • Quebec Bar
  • Law Society of Ontario
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Young Bar Association of Montréal

Fields of practice

Significant experience and expertise

Labour Law

Civil Litigation

Constitutional Law

Administrative Law

Class Action

Human Rights Law

Aviation Law

Electoral Law


High quality counsel and advocacy

Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers

Member of the Oxford Round Table

President of the Legal Committee of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal

Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

Lifetime honorary member of the Mounted Police Association of Quebec

Lifetime member of the Aviators and Bush Pilots of Quebec Association

Participant in the “PRO BONO” programme of the Québec Bar

Presenter of “Visez droit” conferences for the Bar of Montréal


A partial list of publications and presentations

Les dépouillements judiciaires: une vision privilégiée, Revue Parlementaire Canadienne, Vol 36, No. 3, Automne 2013

Access to collective bargaining following BC Health Services, and difficulties in determining appropriate remedies in cases of exclusion. 2009 National Administrative Law & Labour and Employment Law Conference.

Mémoire concernant la réforme de la Loi sur la Gendarmerie royale du Canada, présenté au Comité parlementaire, (2003).

Mémoire sur le projet de Loi C-19 (Loi modifiant le Code canadien du travail (Partie I), la Loi sur les déclarations des personnes morales et des syndicats et d’autres lois en conséquence) présenté au Comité permanent du développement des ressources humaines et de la condition des personnes handicapées, Comité parlementaire (1998).

Mémoire concernant le règlement de la Gendarmerie royale du Canada (1988), présenté au Comité parlementaire, (1998).

L’accès à la négociation collective dans le nouveau cadre des relations de travail (1996), Lectures – Conférences (1996), Faculté de droit, Université McGill.

Mémoire concernant l’étude législative Partie I, Code canadien du travail (1995), présenté au Groupe de travail chargé de la révision du Code canadien du travail, Partie I.

Reported Cases

A partial list of published decisions

  • Delisle c R, 2018 QCCS 3855.
  • Frémy c Canada (Procureur général), 2018 CF 434.
  • Canada (Board of Internal Economy) v Canada (Attorney General), 2017 FCA 43.
  • Bellemare c Choquette, 2017 QCCS 977.
  • Gaudreau Environnement inc. c Johnny Izzi (24 février 2017), Arthabaska 415-17-001332-174 (CS).
  • Ferro v Chicoine, 2017 ONSC 3013.
  • Boulerice v Canada (Attorney General), 2017 FC 942.
  • Ferro c Chicoine et Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs unis de l’alimentation et du commerce, 2016 ONCS 7710.
  • Bellemare c Choquette, 2016 QCCS 3677.
  • Catherine Bélair v United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Local 232, 2016 CIRB 816.
  • Boulerice v Canada (Attorney General), 2016 FC 745.
  • Roy c SNC-Lavalin inc., 2016 QCCS 836.
  • Dancik c Hibernum Creations inc., 2016 QCCS 1744.
  • Drywall Acoustic Lathing and Insulation, Local 675 v SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., 2015 ONCA 718.
  • The Trustees of the Drywall Acoustic Lathing and Insulation Local 675 Pension Fund v SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., 2014 ONSC 660.
  • Delaire c SNC-Lavalin Group inc., 2013 QCCS 400.
  • The Trustees of the Drywall Acoustic Lathing and Insulation Local 675 Pension Fund v SNC-Lavalin Group Inc., 2012 ONSC 5288.
  • O’Grady c Nantel et al., 2015 QCCS 5001.
  • Toutant c Canada (Ministre des Transports), 2015 TATCF 19 (revision).
  • Mounted Police Association of Ontario v Canada (Attorney General), [2015] 1 SCR 3, 2015 SCC1.
  • A et Caucus A, 2015 QCCLP 3110.
  • Beaulieu v Canada (Attorney General), 2015 FC 57.
  • Roy c Ministère public de la confédération (Suisse), Tribunal pénal fédérale B.B. 2013 169 (26 janvier 2014).
  • McEwing v Canada (Attorney General), 2013 FC 525.
  • Nash v Canada (Attorney General), 2013 FC 683.
  • Mounted Police Association of Ontario v Canada, 2012 ONCA 363.
  • Bielli v Canada (Attorney General), 2012 FC 1172.
  • Grant-Jury v Blaikie, 2011 MBQB 238.
  • Couillard (Re), 2011 QCCS 2618.
  • Leroux c Canon Canada inc., 2011 QCCS 5389.
  • Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd. c McKinnon, 2010 QCCA 620.
  • McKinnon c Canadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd., 2010 QCCS 445.
  • Lebrasseur v Canada (Attorney General), 2010 FC 98.
  • Beaulieu v Canada (Attorney General), 2010 FC 1149.
  • 9144-6765 Quebec Inc. v Canada (Minister of Transport), 2009 TATCE 26 (revision).
  • 2849-4367 Québec inc. c Services de promotion et de publicité Effix inc., 2009 QCCS 4444.
  • Rotchel c Ericsson Canada inc., [2009] R.J.D.T. 921 (C.S.)
  • Mounted Police Association of Ontario v Canada (Attorney General), (2009) Canlii 1549, (ON S.C.).
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  • Thériault v Royal Canadian Mounted Police, [2006] 4 FCR 69, 2006 FCA 61.
  • Parent c Canada (Procureur général), REJB (2005) – 90922.
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Class Action: Commuter train delays

On April 1st, 2020 (rectified on May 5, 2020), the Superior Court of Quebec authorized a class action against Le Réseau de transport métropolitain (Exo) and the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) as a result of commuter train delays and cancellations on the Deux-Montagnes or Mascouche train lines between November 1st, 2017 and February 28th, 2018.

This class action is instituted in conjunction with Nelson Champagne.

Please note that you have until September 15, 2020 to opt out of this class action.

Judgement authorizing the class action (rectified, French, 2020-05-05)

Notice (abbreviated)

Notice (long)

Originating Demand (French, 2020-07-16)


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